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Each of our products are carefully handmade locally in the GTA, and we source each of our ingredients from local suppliers


It is our priority to provide you with  eco-concious and clean burning candles. Each of our candles are made from soy wax, which is derived straight from soy beans! Soy wax is 100% renewable as well as biodegradable.


Our candles are carefully curated with non-toxic, and cruelty free ingredients. We source our fragrances and wax from suppliers who DO NOT test on animals

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“Super big fan of your candles! I love "sweet slumber" and how it burns. I'm noticing it lasts longer than my other candles from other shops. Such a sweet smell that envelops my bedroom quickly!”

Tahira Soje - "Sweet Slumber"

“I love my candle! Whenever I light it I feel super zen, and at peace! Its extremely relaxing and it smells delightful! The packaging was amazing, and the shipping was super fast!”

Kaisha Alexander - "SunKissed"

"I literally smelled it right through the package. I can't wait to burn it!"

Charlene Joseph - "Coconut Cashmere"

"I burnt the whole thing in less than a week, and immediately bought another one...not mad about it at all. My all time favourite shopsunrai candle!!"

Zainab Soje - "Spiced Espresso"

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